Saltora PS

Saltora P.S is located at 23° 32′ 0″ North, 86° 56′ 0″ East and about 50 KM North from District HQ.Saltora Police Station has a jurisdiction over an area of 312.62 sq. km having total population of 1,34,717with 8 G.P. This police station is under Sadar Sub-Division and having border with Mejia PS’s of this disdrict and Neturia P.S of Purulia District. Saltora is the main town of this block and other important semi towns are Bamuntore, Dhekia, Gogra, Kunuri, Pabra, Salma, and Tiluri. Saltora and Tiluri are the main market and there are two weakly local market ( HAAT) at Purba (Tuesday) and Saltora ( Monday) generally set-up.
Historical/Tourist places and Culture As a historic importance Biharinath Hill is on the north of Saltora Block, tallest in the district (448 metre) stands guard on the north-western edge, a famous place of tourism and at the foot of the hill a small tank mesuring 0.50 ha. Can be accommodated with a anglins facilities for recreation of the touring people near by a temple.Dhokra crafs are very popular in Netkamla in the Saltora police station area.

SI Koushik Hazra
Officer in-Charge
Saltora Police Station
Officer in-Charge: SI Koushik Hazra