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Bankura District is located in the south-western part of the State of West Bengal. The district is having a total area of 6881 sqkms. It has common borders with Burdwan in the North, Purulia in the West, PaschimMedinipur in the South and Hooghly in the East. The district has a sizeable forest which covers mainly the Khatra and Bishnupur Sub-Division. The approximate area covered by forest is 1504.65 Sp. K.Ms i.e. about 22 % of the total land area.The population of the district as per last census is 35,42,695. Out of the total population 31 % belong to SC Community and 6 % to Muslim Community. The concentration of SC/ST population is more in Khatra Sub-Division. More than 90 % of the population of this district is dependent on agriculture. Some industries have come up in the North toward Barjora and in the East towards Bishnupur.

For the purpose of Police administration, the district is divided into three Sub-Divisions namely Bankura (Sadar) of which 5 Police Stations are under the supervision of Dy SP (D&T) and 3 Police Stations are under the supervision of Dy SP (Admn), Bishnupur Sub-Division under the supervision of SDPO Bishnupur and Khatra Sub-Division under the supervision of SDPO Khatra. The Police administration has five (5) Circles: namely Bankura Sadar, Gangajalghati, Kotulpur, Sonamukhi and Indpur Circles, each headed by Circle Inspectors. Altogether there are 23 Police Stations covering total 22 Blocks of (Civil Administration) in this district. Out of the 23 Police Stations 8 Police Stations are headed by Inspectors of Police and 15 Police Stations headed by S.I.s of Police. The eight Inspectors in-Charge Police Stations are Bankura, Bishnupur, Barjora, Khatra, Ranibandh, Raipur, Sarenga and Simlapal P.S and the remaining 15 S.I. In-charges Police Stations are Chhatna, Saltora, Mejhia, Gangajalghati, Beliatore, Onda, Joypur, Kotulpur, Sonamukhi, Patrasayer, Indas, Taldangra, Barikual, Hirbandh and Indpur.Out of total twenty three (23) Police Stations of this district, five are most affected by L.W.E activities. These are

(1) Barikul PS

(2) Raipur PS

(3) Sarenga PS

(4) Ranibandh PS 


(5) Simlapal PS,

all under Khatra Sub – Division.


The CPI (Maoist) extremism germinated in this district in the mid-nineties. The incidence of this Left Wing Extremism is mainly concentrated in the five (05) Police Stations of Khatra Sub-Division in this district, namely – Sarenga, Barikul, Ranibandh, Raipur and Simlapal . The geography of the LWE zone is a natural parameter which admits the guerilla tactics of war: the hit, run and hide policy of the CPI (Maoist) in this terrain is obtainable from thick forests, rocky terrains, undulating land forms and in fact the adjoining large Jungle Mahal of Paschim Mednipur and Purulia which borders this district.

No. of Police personnel & civilian killed

YearNo. of Police personnel killed    No. of civilian killed.


Year wise incidence relating to Left Wing Extremism is given above:-   (up to March)