Indus PS

Indus P.S is located at 23°09′00″N 87°37′00″E / 23.15°N 87.616667°E / 23.15; 87.616667 and 90 km East from Dist. HQ. It has an area of 255.10 sq km with population of 1,52,829 with 10 G.P. It is under Bishnupur Sub-Divisionand also bordering police station and sharing its border with khandakosh P.S of Burdwan District in one side and Kotulpur and Patrasayer P.S of this district and on the other side. Indus is the main town of this block and other important semi towns are Akui, Amrul, Dighalgram, , Karisunda, Mangalpur, Sahaspur. Indus bazar is the main market of this area and there are other six weakly markets at Bamunia (Wednesday/Saturday), Patraganti (Saturday), Roli (Wednesday/Saturday), Saspur (Monday/Friday), Samsar (Sunday/Wednesday), Satasram (Monday). It is an agriculture prone area and there is no Industry under the jurisdiction.

S.I. Abdus Samad Ansary
Officer in Charge
Indus Police Station
Officer in-Charge: S.I. Abdus Samad Ansary