Kotulpur PS

Kotulpur is located at 23°00′45″N 87°35′37″E / 23.0125°N 87.59361°E / 23.0125; 87.59361and 70 km far(via Bishnupur) from Dist. HQ.It has an area of 250.50 Sq. km with population of 1,67,547 with 8 G.P and bordering with Goghat P.S of Hoogly District in one side and Joypur and Indus P.S of this district on the other side. It is under Bishnupur Sub-ivision. this area is mainly cultivating area.


The important river in the area is “Amodor” (not Damodar). Its origin is from a fountain at Knuchiakol. This has a great impact on agriculture and thus on local economy. It has gone through almost to the south-east direction. It has some historical importance also. Garh Mandaran (a nearby place, now in Hooghly district and the capital of the then king of this region) is surrounded by this river and in a war Kotlu Khan was defeated in Mughal age because of its geographical location. This Kotulpur is known by the name of this Kotlu Khan.Joyrambati – famous for Sarada Devi, wife of Sri Ramakrishna. Koalpara – tourists visit the place for another house of Sarada Devi. Here she used to encourage Swadeshi movement against the British rulers. Sihar – there is a pancharatna temple of Sri Sri Raghunath of Dr Gunamoy Mukherjee’s family of 267 yrs old , Sri Sri Santinath temple (temple’s art is of Jain age), Sri Sri Ratanti Kalika temple (Sri Sivananda Saraswati, Sri Shyamananda Saraswati) and Sri Sarada Math have made the village a place of interest.

Kotulpur Police Station
Officer in-Charge: S.I. Soumen Bhattacharya