Bishnupur PS

Bishnupur P.S is located 23°05′N 87°19′E / 23.08°N 87.32°E / 23.08; 87.32 and 40 km east from Dist. HQ. .Bishnupur Police Station has a jurisdiction over an area of 365.73 sq. km with population of 1,38,786 with9 G.P. It is a Sub-Division HQ police station sharing border with Joypur and Onda P.S of this district and on the other side it is also bordering with Garbeta P.S of Passchim Medinipur.Bishnupur is the main town of this PS area and Bankadaha, Peardoba and Rajagram are the semitowns.The main market of this area is Bishnupur bazar and the other markets are Bankadaha chak bazar, Rajagram etc.  some small scale industries are growing up here and M/S Jyohy Laboratories is one of them.

Culture, Temples and other places of interest :

There are many such temples which stand testimony to the exquite craftsmanship of the artisans of the region. The temples were crafted from the local laterite and brick. The temples are covered with terracota tiles depicting scenes from the epic Mahabharata. The temples are located in Bishnupur. These include: Rasmancha: Jorebangla Temple of Keshta Rai, Nandalal Temple ,Radhamadhab Temple, Kalachand Temple, Radhagovinda Temple ,Sarbamangala Pancha Ratna Temple of Shyam Rai, Krishna-Valaram Temple ,Mrinmayee Temple ,Radhashyam Temple ,Jor Bangla Temple,Radha Laljiu Temple ,Madanmohan Temple, , Chhinnamasta Temple ,Dalmadal Cannon,Lalgarh ,Lalbandh ,Acharya Jogeshchandra Museum, ,Pathar Darwaja Garh Darwaja,Stone Chariot,Nutan Mahal. A school of music, called the Bishnupur Gharana, was established here in 1370 A.D and flourished under the patronage of the Malla kings. The school hit its peak in the 16th and 17th centuries. This style of music is rooted in the Dhrupad style academies of music.Terracotta is characteristic of Bishnupur. Apart from the temples, terracotta pottery, artifacts and even jewellery made in this very traditional material is famous. Bishnupur is also known for its silk (tussar), particularly the Baluchari Sarees. Woven on Jacquard punch-card looms, these sarees have episodes from the Mahabharata woven into the border and pallu. Bellmetalware, conch-shell jewellery is also available here.

As such its importance in respect of crime and criminal activity is very high and is still being kept alive in local.

Bishnupur Police Station
Inspector in-Charge: Shri Nandan Mondal