Barikul PS

Barikul P.S. is located at 23°13′09″N 87°18′50″E. Barikul Police Station has a jurisdiction over an area of 63177.02 Acres having population of 73,188 with 5 G.P and sharing its border with Simlapal and Raipur P.S of this district and on the other side it isalso bordering with Belpahari P.S of Passchim Medinipur and Bandwan of Purulia District.This police station is under Khatra Sub-Division and was set up in the year of 2005. Fulkusma is the main town of this area and jhilimiliis the another semi town. There is a market in Fulkusma. A travel from Ranibandh to Jhilimili offers a magnificent revelation to impressive forest of changeable heights on both sides on the route. The Kangsabati flows through this forest and its banks are an ideal picnic spot. The watchtower at Jhilimili offers a commanding view of the surrounding area. Jhilimili is a quiet place, and makes for a pleasant getaway for city-dwellers. During mid-January, Tusu parab is celebrated. Goddess Tusu is worshipped. Santhals organise village fairs during Makara Sankranti.

Barikul Police Station
Inspector in-Charge: Shri Arun Kumar Khan