Simlapal PS

Simlapal P.S is located at 22° 55′ 0″ North, 87° 5′ 0″ East and 30 km south from District HQ Ranibandh Police Station has a jurisdiction over an area of 309.27 sq. km.having population of 1,27,429. With 7 G.P sharing border of Sarenga, Khatra and Taldangra PSs of this district. Topographical feature of this PS is vulnerable as maximum part is covered by deep, dense forest.Simlapal is the main town of this PS area and Bikrampur, Dubrajpur, Laxmisagar, Machtora, Mandalgram, are the semi towns of this PS area. Simlapal and Lakhisagar are the main market of this PS area.

This police station is under Khatra Sub-Division and sharing its border with Sarenga, Khatra and Taldangra P.Ss of this district . Importance of this P.S is mainly in respect of Maoist insurgency.

Shri  Tapas Dutta
Inspector in-Charge
Simlapal Police Station
Inspector in-Charge: Shri Tapas Dutta