This is hereby notified that the following properties have been seized as unclaimed in time to time at this PS. Since then no claimant turned up for claiming the properties. Long days have been passed away. The properties are lying unnecessarily.
So we are issuing notice for appearance of claimant if any within 20.01.15 for receiving those properties with proper documents. Otherwise the properties will be disposed off as per law.
Details of properties have been given below—

  1. 1. PR no—46/97—i) One Blanket, ii) One green colored pump stove, iii) One old aluminium suspen, iv) One old chadar
    The property seized by ASI S.R. Pal on 31.5.1997 as unclaimed vide G.Ghati PS GDE no 775 dt 31.5.97.
  2. PR no 19/13—Approx 100 KG Coal
    The property was seized by SI C. Bhattacharya, OC G.Ghati PS on 27.2.13 from Deuli jungle as unclaimed vide G.Ghati PS GDE no 1097 dt 27.02.13.