Safety Tips


  • Beware of persons coming to your house like salesmen/hawkers etc.
  • Switch on light when you go out of home. Inform your neighbourors about your absence from your home for a long or short period.
  • Fixing of grills on windows and glass pane doors.
  • Don’t allow any unknown person to enter your house without his identity.
  • Keep side doors pad locked and main door bolted.
  • Look through the magic eye and ensure the door chain is secure when you are going to open the door to an unknown person.
  • Install an alarm system and learn how to use it. Monitor your alarm system and arrange for guard response. Keep ladder and stools away.
  • Install magic eye and safety chains on doors and also use slam-shut locks instead of pad locks.
  • Insure all valuable properties.
  • Make your home appear lived in. Don’t keep huge amount of cash and ornaments in the house. Use bank lockers.
  • When you find theft in your house, inform the police and wait for the arrival of police and do not disturb the scene, otherwise it will lead to tampering of evidence like fingerprints, footprints etc.
  • Don’t go alone with cash and jewellery during the night hours.
  • Do not record a message on answering machine telling people that you are out of home/ town.


  • Always ask representatives to provide identification.
  • Always identify visitor before opening the door.
  • Always think about the risk before doing any thing.
  • Never allow young children to open the door.
  • Avoid walking alone at night.
  • Walk in busy well-lit roads, towards traffic.


  • Don’t wear heavy ornaments while travelling.
  • Don’t open your bag-containing valuable like cash and ornaments, while travelling in public places.
  • Do not carry more money than required.
  • Carry your purse to the left side, close to your body and slightly to the front.
  • Do not carry your keys, cheque book or credit-cards in your bag. Carry them in a jacket or other pocket on your person.
  • Your purse should be closed and fastened at all times. Do not leave it on a counter.
  • If someone attempts to snatch your bag, give it up rather than risk personal injury.
  • Get your domestic help’s antecedents verified.
  • Give his/her photograph as well as permanent address to the nearest Police Station for verification.
  • Get his/her background verified from previous employer.
  • Avoid giving access to his relatives and friends.
  • Avoid displaying jewelry and valuables to him/her in the house.


  • When you park your vehicle in the parking area and get the slip of the same.
  • Don’t keep vehicles in your house compound without locking.
  • Two wheelers should be kept in the safe places after tying with a chain and lock.
  • Never leave the vehicle door unlocked nor the windows partially open.
  • Never leave the key dangling in the ignition.
  • Never leave important documents and valuables in the glove box or boot.
  • Never identify your key ring with your name.
  • Make sure that quarter glasses are properly secured.
  • Double-check all doors (including the boot) to ensure that they are properly locked.
  • Etch registration number of your car on the rear & front window screens and windowpanes. Do not leave valuables in your car even if it is locked.
  • Cut down on extra fittings, as these tempt prospective thieves.
  • Install a car alarm.
  • Do not offer lift to unknown person.
  • If someone needs help, stop at some distance away and communicate through locked doors and partially open window.
  • In case of theft, immediately inform nearest police station, dial 100.

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