Model Case Docket Cover Sheet

It was observed that there was no standard format existing for the case docket cover sheet. Consequently case records at the PS level were just in the form of a bunch of papers tagged in one corner. Whereas it looked quite unprofessional, at times it also resulted in Case Diaries and other document getting soiled, torn or lost. Supervisory officers perusing the contents of the case docket to know the current status of the case has to invest a lot of time for the same.
A Model Case Docket Cover Sheet has been developed which contains information like case details, persons arrested, persons surrendered, persons at large, reports received/pending, tentative date of submission of Charge-Sheet, details of statements of witnesses, details of seizures made, index of case diaries, dates of supervision and names of supervisory officers etc. The cover sheet helps the Investigating Officer/New IO/Supervisory Officers to understand the current status of the case at a glance. It also keeps a track of what reports are pending and also acts as a ready reminder to the IO about the possible next steps in the investigation of the case. The case docket has been designed to improve the monitoring of the investigation of cases in the District.
Salient Features:
• Contains basic case details
• Contact number of IO for clarification/immediate instruction if any
• Name of Court and date for Anticipatory Bail in case of surrender
• Check-List for various steps of investigation and also for Reports/Expert’s Opinions received
• Details of Seizures made including Chain of Custody
• Details of witnesses examined and whether cross-verification of statements done or not
• Index of Case Diary
• Supervisory officers and dates of supervision
• Court Reference numbers like GR No, SC No, ST No
• Thick cover also protects the case diaries and other documents from dust, water etc.
Police Stations have been provided with sufficient numbers of Case Dockets to properly file all cases and IOs have been instructed to fill the details on a regular basis.

Impact Assessment
The initiative is expected to help the IOs to view the details of their cases at a glance. It also acts as a check-list for the IOs thus minimizing trivial errors on the part of the IO. The cover file will also prevent the case documents from getting soiled, torn or lost. The initiative is new and its actual impact can be assessed only with passage of time. Recently check-lists for investigation of cases have also been provided by the Police Directorate.