‘DISHARI’ – A Free Tutorial Home for Poor Students

DISHARI 2Dishari







Project ‘DISHARI‘ is a free tutorial home for poor students who reside in remote villages, by Bankura District Police. The first tutorial home was initiated by Sarenga PS on 24.09.15 in Sarulia Madhyamik Siksha Khetra. It was inaugurated by the Superintendent of Police, Bankura. Currently it is run only for class IX and X students. About 122 students (Class IX- 64 &Class X- 58) both boys and girls are being taught in all subjects in this tutorial home. The tutorial home is run for about 2 hours every day morning before school hours. It is a unique concept of public police cooperation as at present about 17 teachers from different schools of Sarenga block are voluntarily providing their service to run this tutorial home. Also it is run in the school premises with the support of the school authorities which makes it easily accessible to everybody.