Special Drive to make the district accident free

Bankura District Police has taken several initiatives to reduce the road accidents in the district.

Chhatna P.S. held meeting with shop keepers & distributed leaflets to increase awareness regarding road safety among the people at Jhantipahari and Kamalpur. Villagers, shop keepers & local club members of Kamalpur under Chhatna P.S. have taken oath to maintain traffic rule to avoid accident.

Gangajalghati P.S. organised awareness programmes on safe driving with the Truck drivers. Distributed Helmets to increase awareness to make the district accident free.

Saltora P.S. distributed leaflets “Dos & Don’ts to avoid accident” to people and also launched prosecution for not wearing helmets. They briefed students how to cross Highways safely.

Similar types of special drives has been taken in all P.S.s of this district to make the district accident free.

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