PG cell



Public Grievance Redressal Systems of the District Police was almost reduced to a one-way affair wherein the result of the enquiry of grievance of the citizen is seldom communicated to him. Petitioners face much difficulty in finding out the results of the enquiry conducted over the petitions submitted by them to Superintendent of Police.


To mitigate the above problem, the Public Grievance Cell of Bankura Police Office has also been entrusted with the responsibility of providing feedback to the aggrieved citizen. This feedback is in the form of acknowledging the receipt of such complaints and later, also informing the aggrieved citizen by quickest possible means the result of the said enquiry. Enquiries of PG Cell are required to be mandatorily completed and report submitted within a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of complaint by the concerned officer. An officer of Dy SP rank peruses the report submitted by the enquiring officer and selects the portion which is to be communicated to the complainant. The said portion is communicated to the citizen by post and also telephonically if the number has been provided. A record of the complainant’s details and dates/modes of communication is maintained by the PG cell.

Impact Assessment

The above initiative has been started with an aim to make the Public Grievance Redressal system a two-way system instead of the existing one-way system. This is expected to improve the police-public interface and make policing in the district more people oriented. As it is a new initiative, it will take some time before any meaningful assessment of the exercise can be done. Steps are being made to start similar system functional at Police Stations and SDPO office also.