Online Report Management System


It was being observed that the papers like petitions which were being sent to the officers of the district for enquiry took several days to reach by the means of normal dak. Further, the currently existing mechanism did not facilitate continuous monitoring of the pendency of papers endorsed to various officers. At times, due to reasons like leave etc, the endorsed officer did not know that a paper was endorsed to him and the mistake would be flagged only at a much later date, at times after a reminder had been issued by the higher authorities. If the paper went missing, there was no means to trace it.


Report Management System is indigenously developed software to address the above issues. Report Management System keeps track of the papers endorsed to and pending with the various offices of the Bankura District Police. It also minimizes the need for physical delivery of correspondence though dak.


• Enhanced security with https, hardware authentication and login/password
• Endorsed paper can be downloaded thus minimizing physical delivery of papers
• No chance of missing paper
• Keeps track of the due date of paper endorsed
• Has facility of submission of the paper by endorsee and acceptance by endorser
• Continuous customization/improvement as per requirement possible
• Low running cost

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]dditional Features:

• Online ready reference of Major and Minor Acts
• Scanned copies of a number of Police Orders shared online
• Online District GIS Map
• Online Active Criminal List of the District

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]mpact Assessment

i) Effective monitoring of the public petitions and other documents endorsed to the officers
ii) Minimization of movement of papers through dak
iii) Electronic movement of papers without fear of loss
iv) Facilitates timely submission of reports to higher authorities
v) Other services like Major and Minor Acts, District GIS Map, Active Criminal List, scanned copies of Police Orders act as ready reference for the Police Units of the district. More such online services are being added as the need arises.