File Numbering System



It was observed that the File Management System of Police Office was at disarray and it was very difficult to find a file from the stock pile of files, which created much problem in official work. Also absence of file numbering posed problems in cross-referencing.


The provisions of File Numbering System have been provided in Police Regulations of Bengal, 1943 Vol-II under Appendix LXIII vide Regulations 1098 and 1100. It provides for categorization of files with numbers against title of collection covering nine heads (For Ex- I-Accounts, IV- Crime, etc). Further it includes numerals designating the title of files under each collection, the functionary to whom it is endorsed, the serial number under particular title of collection & the year of initiation of the file.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]mpact Assessment

The introduction of File Numbering System with proper indexing has made it convenient for the office staff to trace out a specific file from the stock pile of files. Besides the files are being kept in an organized manner, serially, which has improved the File Management System in Police Office. Hence, over dependence on a particular person has decreased by introducing this system.