Clean Police Station Competition – an yearly competition


“Cleanliness is Next to Godliness” goes an ancient Hebrew saying. Apart from health benefits clean workplace raises the morale of the workplace and also leaves a positive impact on the visitors. Most of the police station compounds were found to be in quite bad shape with no proper system of garbage disposal and maintenance of cleanliness. A need was felt to organize a competition to motivate the PS staff for cleanliness so that cleanliness can be promoted as a part of work culture.


This competition was organized with a view to keep the Police Stations neat and clean and to improve their general up-keep. A clean Police Station can make a good first impression in the minds of citizens. Overall it is the reflection of the habit the police personnel and work culture of the organization.
A team of jury headed by AC (Commando) and also comprising of DIO-1 and API Khatra inspected all the Police Stations of the district in an exercise extending over a period of about one month. The aim of inspection was more to evaluate the efforts made by the Police Stations rather than focus on the existing infrastructural facilities. After making joint inspection, they awarded marks under each of the 50 criteria points, the results were tabulated and the Jury team announced the result of the Competition. Onda PS won the first ever Clean Police Station Trophy. Barikul PS stood Second and the Khatra PS stood Third. Two special awards were also given for extraordinary efforts made by the Indas PS and Indpur PS. On the day of award distribution ceremony IGP (Western Zone) and DIG (Midnapore Range) appreciated the efforts made by the district police.