On 05.05.18, on the basis of a secret source information to the effect that one Majbur Ali Dalal @ D.D & one Sadek Ali Khan , both of Punisole, PS Onda, Dist. Bankura have kept some motor cycles in their houses obtained by means of theft, SI Saiful Sk. of Onda PS, Dist Bankura alongwith accompanying officers and force of Onda PS held raid and conducted search in the house of one Majbur Ali Dalal @ D.D., s/o Bader Ali Dalal af Keshabpur, Punisole, and one Sadek Ali Khan @ Pichi, S/O Lt. Sader Ali Khan @ Sader Kana af Punisole(Dakhinpara), both PS Onda, Dist. Bankura. During search 16 (sixteen) numbers of stolen motorcycles have been recovered from the possession of Majbur Ali Dalal @ D.D. and Sadek Ali Khan @ Pichi. On being asked they failed to produce any valid documents in respect of the ownerships of those motorcycles. On interrogation, the aforesaid accused persons confessed their guilt and stated that they along with some others habitually used to steal the motor cycles from Kharagpur & Medinipur side and kept in their houses for further sale to earn money. Accordingly, SI Saiful Sk. of Onda PS arrested both the accused persons and seized those Motor Cycles under proper seizure list.
Later on, leading to the confessional statement of the accused persons (01) one more motorcycle have been recovered by Bishnupur PS and another involved accused namely Sarfaraj Mallick (20) s/o Sovan Mallick of Nobkola (Mujaffarnagar), Road Chandrakona, PS Garbeta have also been arrested.