Conviction in Chhatna P.S. Case

Chhatna PS. case No. 79/11 dated 16.05.11 u/s 279/338/304A/427 IPC & GR No. 493/11 & S.C No.24 (07) /12 and S.T No. 04(02)/13. The Accd. Person namely Nisar Khan s/o Abdul Sattar Khan of Ranibandh, J. K. Colony, PS Purulia (Town), Dist. Purulia is convicted u/s 279 IPC and sentenced to suffer R.I. for 04 Months and also with fine of Rs. 1000/- id to suffer simple imprisonment for another 01 (one) month for commission of offence U/S 279 IPC. The convict also sentenced imprisonment for 02 years for the commission of offence u/s 304A IPC and also to pay fine of Rs. 5000/- id to suffer imprisonment for 06 (Six) months. The convict also sentenced for imprisonment for 01 (one) year and also pay fine of Rs. 1000/- id to suffer 03 (Three) months imprisonment for the commission of offence u/s 338 IPC. All the sentences will run concurrently. The judgment has been passed on 16.09.2015 by Smt. Madhuchanda Basu, Ld. Addl. Sessions Judge, 4 th Court, Bankura.