Conviction in Mejia P.S. Case No. 40/13

Conviction of  2(two) accused person in Mejia P.S. Case No. 40/13

Order passed by Ld. District & Session Judge, 2nd Court, Bankura on 31.10.2017 in connection with Mejia P.S. Case No. 40/13 Date 12.07.13 u/s 341/323/308 IPC, S.C. 26(01)14, S.T. 01(06)14 & GR No. 918/13 is as follows:

Accused 1) Biren Roy(43) s/o Anil Roy Vill. Bhanara, P.S.- Mejia 2) Uttam Roy s/o Late Fatik Roy are sentenced to suffer imprisonment for a term of 04 years each for offence  punishable  u/s 308 of IPC and pay fine of Rs. 5,000/- each i.d. to suffer S.I. for 06 months each. They are also sentenced to suffer R.I for Six (06) month for the offence punishable u/s 323 of IPC. Both the sentences will run concurrently.