Conviction in Ranibandh P.S. Case No. 12/06

Conviction of  3(three) accused person in Ranibandh P.S. Case No. 12/06

Order passed by Ld. Judicial Magistrate, Khatra Court on 05.08.2017 in connection with Ranibandh P.S. Case No. 12/06 Date 19.9.06 u/s 498A/494/34 IPC & GR No. 241/06 is as follows:

Accused 1. Sri Laxman Mahato 2. Sri Ram Mahato 3. Sri Bharat Mahato are guilty to the accusation under section 498A of IPC 1860. The accused person Sri Laxman Mahato is hereby sentenced to three months of imprisonment and fine of Rs. 1000/- and the other accused persons are sentenced to imprisonment of 15 days and fine of Rs. 100/- each. The part of imprisonment if any undergone by the accused persons if any, be set off u/s 428 Cr.P.C.