Conviction in Bankura P.S. Case No. 50/93

Conviction of 23(Twenty Three) accused persons in Bankura P.S. Case No. 50/93

Order passed by Ld. Additional Session Judge, 1st Court, Bankura on 21.06.2017 in connection with Bankura P.S. Case No. 50/93 Date 12.3.93 u/s 147/148/149/302/323/324/325/326/337 IPC, S.C. No. 07(11) 98 and S.T No. 1(12)2005 is as follows:

The accused Persons 1. Chaitan Rana, s/o Late Babulal, 2. Ratan Rana, s/o Late Babulal, 3. Madan Mohan Rana, s/o Late Babulal, 4. Kirtan Rana, s/o Late Babulal, 5. Krishna Chandra Rana, s/o Late Babulal, 6. Nemai Chandra Rana, s/o Chitan Rana, 7. Jiten Rana, s/o Late Netai, 8. Dhiren Rana, s/o Late Netai, 9. Fatik Rana, s/o Late Kushapati, 10. Ananda Rana, s/o Late Kushapati, 11.Dhananjoy Rana, s/o Late Haripada, 12.Dilip Rana, s/o Dhananjoy, 13. Subash Rana, s/o Dhananjoy, 14. Shibsadhan Rana @ sambhu, s/o Late Manmatha, 15. Guiram Rana, s/o Late Manmatha, 16. Swapan Rana, s/o Late Manmatha, 17.Faring Rana @ Jagannath Rana, s/o Late Bankim, 18. Manasha Ram Rana, s/o Late Bankim, 19. Subodh Rana @ Paresh, s/o Late Bankim, 20. Biswanath Rana @ Kochi, s/o Late Bankim, 21. Gobardhan Rana, s/o Late Basanta 22. Sobhakar Rana, s/o Late Basanta, 23. Sadhan Chowdhury @Sadhu, s/o Late Anil, they all are Vill. Roybandh P.S. Bankura & Dist. Bankura. They all are suffer imprisonment for life and to pay a fine of Rs. 10000/- i.d. to simple imprisonment for 10 months for offence u/s 302 IPC and suffer imprisonment for one year for the offence u/s 323 IPC both the sentence will run concurrently.