Conviction in Ranibandh P.S. Case No. 43/14

Conviction of 2 (two) accused persons in Ranibandh P.S. Case No. 43/14

Order passed by Ld. Judicial Magistrate, Khatra on 30.06.2016 in connection with Ranibandh PS Case No. 43/14 Date 14.03.14 u/s 46(A) B.E. Act. GR No. 364/14 is as follows:

The Accused Person namely (1) Manik Mandal s/o Lt . Ratan Mandal  (2) Anath Bandu Mandal s/o Subodh Ch. Mandal of Ghagra Haludkanali, P.S. Ranibandh is found guilty of the offence punishable Sec 46A(C) of B.E. Act. 1909 and sentenced to imprisonment till rising of court and fine of Rs. 1830/- in case of default on payment of fine further imprisonment for 7 days.