Conviction in Bishnupur P.S. Case No. 153/14

Conviction of 1 (one) accused persons in Bishnupur P.S. Case No. 153/14

Order passed by Ld. J.M. 3rd Court, Bishnupur on 17.02.16 in connection with Bishnupur P.S. Case No. 153/14 Date 30.08.14 u/s 279/304A IPC is as follows:

The Accsused persons namely Shib Sankar Singh is convicted u/s 279/304A IPC sentenced to pay a fine of Rs. 500/- i,d, to suffer s.i. for 10 dates for offence u/s 279 IPC and a fine of rs. 9500/- i,d, suffer s.i. for four months for punishible 304A IPC.