Conviction in Sonamukhi P.S. Case No. 110/15

Conviction of 4 (four) accused persons in Sonamukhi P.S. Case No. 110/15

Order passed by Ld. Judicial Magistrate 3rd Court, Bishnupur on 22.04.2016 in connection with Sonamukhi P.S. Case No. 110/15 Date 07.06.2015 U/S 448/341/323/354B/379/34 IPC is as follows:

The accused  persons namely Tumpa Saha and Sibani Saha are found to be guilty of having committed offence punishable U/S 448/323/352/34 IPC but are not convicted U/S 255(2) Cr.PC & are released on admonition U/S 3 of the Probation of Offenders Act .The accused persons namely Paresh Saha and Jaganath Saha are found to be guilty of having committed offence U/S 448/323/354b/34 IPC but they also not convicted U/S 248(2) Cr.PC at this stage & are to be released U/S 4 of the Probation of Offender Act on each of them executing a bond of Rs. 20,000/- on condition that he will appear in court in 01(one) year to receive sentence . During the period of probation the accused is to keep peace and be of good behavior and is to restrain from committing any offence each of accused persons are further directed to pay a sum of Rs. 5,000/- total Rs. 20,000/-, Rs. -5,000/-x 4 = 20,000/- only as  compensation to the victims U/S 5 of the probation of offender act .