Computerization of Property Registers of Police Stations and Courts


It was observed that the maintenance of PS Property Register was from satisfactory. Often there was a lot of over-writing in the Red-Ink Property Registers. At times the pages of the old properties were torn and the full particulars of the property could not be viewed. The Property Register could also be prone to manipulation especially in case of valuable property. Property was also not kept in a systematic fashion in the PS malkhanas and it was very difficult for the officer to search for the property of a particular case.


To tackle the above problem, an initiative was undertaken in which the Property Registers of all PS were to be computerized in the same format as the PS Property Register but with an extra column indicating the physical location of the property in the Police Station. At present 15 Police stations out of 23 have fully computerized the Property Register whereas work is almost complete rest eight Police Stations.

Impact Assessment

i) The computerized Property Register acts as a ready reference for all property related queries.
ii) Searching the property has become easier since one of the columns gives its exact location in the PS Malkhana.
iii) Since a CD containing the soft copy of the computerized property register is also submitted in the Office of the Superintendent of Police, therefore it will not be possible to manipulate the Property Register by anyone and thus this initiative guards against any future tampering.
iv) Computerization of Property Registers is also provides a backup against any future damage to the old Property Registers.