Computerization of Case Diaries


It was observed that the Case Diaries often written by I.O.s in and it was very difficult to assess the progress of the particular case by perusing the case docket.


The computerization of Case Diaries of cases registered under different P.Ss’ of Bankura District was started on a test case basis from February, 2011. This initiative will have significant positive impact on not only just writing of case diaries but also on standard of investigation per se;
• This will make the Case Diaries legible, irrespective of the standard of handwriting of the I.Os, which had been a cause of concern in the past years.
• Courts can also rely more on legible case diaries
• Case Diaries can be easily transferred to the superior officers for their perusal electronically also for quick perusal
Necessary training to the I.O.s is being organized in this regard.

Impact Assessment

The initiative is still in pilot phase and only few case diaries have been fully written in printed format. However, it has met encouraging response from I.O.s and supervisory officers. Standard of supervision is bound to increase as case diaries can be read quickly. In the next phase case diaries of all SR cases will be written in printed format.