Inauguration Ceremony of ‘ARANNYER ADDA’

On 23.02.2020 Bankura District Police organized a Community Development Project- ‘ECO VILLAGE BANKURA- 2020’ and workshop on ‘Bharatpur PATO CHITRA’ at ‘ARANNYER ADDA’ at Sushunia under Chhatna PS, Bankura.

Bankura Eco Village 2020

A Police Community Development Programme, is integrated with sustainable socio economic environmental and cultural components of the downtrodden villagers having reciprocity between villagers and Police.
Mainly three places I.e. Jhilimili, Mukutmonipur, Susunia and few other places have been included here which bear a long brand name of its own thus have a scope of swiftly sharing the ideas to the others and inwardly backing to the feed.
It needs local base and mass contact to meet the objectives of Policing and villgers need support which aid, assist, encourage, relief, foothold, endorse and enrich their livelihood ,Culture , the sphere or nature where they live, the way they like to live.

Arannyer Adda/ Bon adda – aid to their cultural performance and presentation.

Dhamsa Madoler Adda – aid to the cultural practices.

Community Nursery – aid to the livelihood practices and sustainable agricultural practices

Community Orchard – aid to the livelihood and component of Dry land agricultural practices

Green Patrolling- the environmental resources curators. Today’s requirement is not at the cost of Tomorrow.

Green Library – aid to meet the need of study , story and other purpose. Also add the aid of evening school for the person in need.

Mahila Bikash Pathagar and E Service Centre – Library and Information Kiosk for the women only, women’s club which aid women empowerment and the gradual transmission of village information to PS.
Community Points- a branch of Bankura Police Co-operative system added to support as seller of the craft created by common villagers

Home stay and Home stay Network- In those places huge number of tourists use to come throughout the year. But local villagers hardly get the opportunity to flux the money the tourist mainly spent for food and stay. Therefore basic support can make the SHGs to make their home for Homestay.
Fusion of all such Homestay in a form of a Network system returns manyfold potentiality to sustain this economic process and prosperity.
This also integrates the essential components of bio farming and organo- consumerism through agro eco tourism process.

Wall Paintig- aid to the art, craft and creativity, add the attraction to the tourist , selfy point. More the tourist stay at a particular place of their choice more they spend money to consume the quality time which ultimately has a goal to channeling the resources the outsider ready to spent , to the person wants resources for their economic betterment

Potchitra –
From prehistoric period , they are maintaining this style of presentation of their art. Only available bio- colour is being used here. District Police with the help of Co-hearts residing at Bankura, Kolkata or Bangladesh , is trying extend all support to those downtrodden people so that the same can play a sustainable livelihood support.

Community_Points –
This will perform as a sell point of commodities produced by common people, down trodden people, members of economically poor/ marginal families, thus
will function as a livelihood development programme. District Police linked all CVs in order to collect craft produced by the common, with the Bankura District Police Consumers’ Co-Operative Society to sell the same and make sure to get good prices for the artist creating those craft as a tool for their livelihood support.

Clean and green/ anti plastic & plantation programme.