Awareness Programme on institutional delivery rate and vaccination

An awareness programme was jointly organised by Bankura District Police and Health & Family Welfare Dept. on 06.12.2018 at Punisole under Onda PS to ensure 1) Institutional delivery, i.e. delivery of pregnancy in any health centre or Govt Hospital timely taking all advantage of govt facilities. 2) collect SURAKSHA CARD from govt Hospital for every mother and check minimum four times before delivery of pregnancy. 3) Timely Vaccination before and after maturity of pregnancy for mother as well as the child. 4) All treatment including the fare of the ambulance will be provided by the, Govt Hospital. 5) Avoid Home Delivery of pregnancy by any quack doctor and avoid accident at Punisole Outpost. S.P Bankura, other officials of both the department and dignitaries attended the programme.